• Stainless steel sanitary fittings need to be washed twice a year

    Stainless steel sanitary fittings need to be washed twice a year

    As with other materials exposed to the atmosphere, stainless steel sanitary fittings are also dirty. The following sections analyze the design factors that impact maintenance and cleaning costs. However, there is a correlation between rain erosion, manual flushing, and dirty surfaces. Hygienic stainless steel fittings determine the effect of rain erosion by placing the same slab directly in the atmosphere and in a shed.

    Health-class pipe

    The effect of manual flushing was determined by manually scrubbing the right side of each panel with soapy water sponge every six months. As a result, it was found that dust and silt removal by rain washing and manual scrubbing had a favorable effect on the surface condition as compared with a slat placed in a shed and a place not washed. But also found that the status of surface processing has an impact on the smooth surface of the slab than the rough surface of the slab effect is better.

    So the scrubbing interval has a variety of factors, the main influencing factor is the required aesthetic standards. Although many stainless steel sanitary fittings are only rinsed during the cleaning of the glass, in general, stainless steel sanitary fittings for external use are scrubbed twice a year.

    Stainless steel seamless sanitary fittings and stainless steel welded sanitary pipe.

    What are the differences?

    Stainless steel welded sanitary pipe and welded steel pipe is mainly different forming process. General welded steel pipes such as tap water, usually by bending the plate after welding together, you can find a weld in the above; diameter is generally spiral weld. The seamless steel pipe is generally molten state of the molten steel through the annular slit back out by the tensile and other processing technology molding, so there is no weld. In terms of performance, especially pressure on the ability of welded steel pipe has greatly improved, it is often used for high-voltage equipment. Such as hydraulic equipment, piping connections. The welding seam of welded steel pipe is the weak link, and the quality of weld is also the main factor affecting its overall performance. Stainless steel welding health pipe in the north had lived in general have had water pipes or heating pipes in the winter was frozen explosion experience, explosive place are generally weld.


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