• Working Principle of Liquid Drain Valve

    The basic function of the liquid trap is to condense the condensed water, air and carbon dioxide gas in the steam system as soon as possible. Many varieties traps have different performance. Steam traps, its characteristics should be selected to best meet the steam heating equipment operation before considering other objective conditions, such choices you need to trap is the correct and effective.

    Working Principle of Liquid Drain Valve

    The main components of the double metal sheet trap are bimetal temperature sensing elements, which is heated and deformed with the steam temperature. Bimetallic trap is provided with an adjusting bolt, can adjust the temperature according to the needs of the general undercooling range is lower than the saturation temperature is 15 DEG -30 DEG C, back pressure is higher than 70%, to row non condensing gas, not afraid of cold, small size, resistant to water hammer, high pressure, can be installed anywhere.

    The working principle of bimetallic trap

    When the device has just started, the pipeline appears low temperature condensate water, double metal sheet is flat, the valve core spring in the spring, the sanitary valve is in the open position. When the condensate water temperature gradually increased, the bimetal sheet temperature sensitive components began to bend deformation, and the valve core to the closed position. In the condensate to saturation temperature before the trap began to close. Double metal sheet is switched with the steam temperature control valve.


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