• Metal hard seal ball valve

    Metal hard seal ball valve

    【Floating Metal Seal Ball Valve】

    Metal Seal Floating ball valve and valve seat completely metal-to-metal sealing method, in order to ensure that the valve in a variety of temperature and pressure reliable sealing, for the user to use the different conditions and requirements, you can use a variety of advanced ball And seat hardening technology.

    【Fixed Metal Seal Ball Valve】

    Metal hard seal fixed sanitary ball valve is a high temperature, wear-resistant hard seal fixed ball valve. The maximum temperature is 450 °, the valve seat tightly hold the ball to play the role of sealing the heart. Sealing material selection is carbide, spherical spray.Metal hard seal ball valve

    【Metal Seal Ball Valve】

    Metal-sealed ball valve, which is characterized by the ball and sanitary valve body are made of high-temperature metal materials, metal or heat-resistant alloy seat (such as cobalt chromium tungsten hard Alloys, etc.).


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