• Clamp butterfly Valve Connection

    Clamp butterfly valve connection

    Clamp butterfly valve is also called the sanitary quick-release butterfly valve, its connection way is composed of a precision casting clamp, a seal ring, two flat joints and a clamp butterfly valve. Clamp butterfly valve and clamp fittings can be used separately, but also complete sets of use. When used separately, the clamps are used primarily as connections for fixed piping or fixed pipe connections.

    Clamp butterfly valve rubber seals and valve plates are imported pieces to ensure the use of sanitary butterfly valve performance and service life.

    High precision CNC lathe fine valve body, to ensure a reliable interlock valve butterfly valve, replacing the rubber replaced by the use of performance can not guarantee the trouble.

    Clamp butterfly Valve Connection

    Stem mounted nylon bushings, reducing the friction and thus open flexible and easy.

    Steel pieces are made of stainless steel, rubber, food rubber, high-quality health.

    Sanitary valve body diameter and the pipeline diameter is same, when opened, valve plate is narrow and streamlined and the fluid is in the same direction with large flow and small resistance, no material accumulation.


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