• Yuyao hardware industry is developed from scratch to explore

    Yuyao hardware industry is developed from scratch to explore

    With the continuous improvement of local industries, Yuyao hardware industry structure has been continuously optimized, continuously upgrade the level of industry, hardware industry continues along the scale, specialization, internationalization is the direction of develop.ment, out of a from scratch, from the Spare parts to the whole machine and the final product, from low-end to high-end development path, and gradually form a diversified advantage of the industrial chain and large-scale group structure. Yuyao City mechanical hardware industry output value is 33 billion yuan in 2008. In 2001, the China National Hardware Association named "China's hardware products production base."

    Yuyao hardware industry is developed from scratch to explore

        (1) Lighting (new light source): annual output value is 5 billion yuan, more than 500 enterprises. Road lighting lamps and lanterns are mainly gathered in the Liangnong town and the surrounding areas, was named "the hometown of Chinese lanterns", and "China's lighting manufacturing base."

       (2) Power tools: the city's existing power tools and accessories are 310 enterprises, more than 700 affiliated companies in 2008, the city's power tools and accessories output value is 7 billion yuan, of which 35 enterprises are above designated size, with more than billion industry leading enterprises. The main products are electric drill, electric planer, electric saw, electric hammer, electric mill, cutting machine, garden tools, woodworking tools, such as the eight series varieties, production is more than 20 million units, more than 85 percent of export products, sales accounted for about one-sixth of the national counterparts, parts production accounts for about 50 percent of the parts, has become the country's major power tools parts production base, was awarded the China Electrical Equipment Industry Association, "China's power tool manufacturing base" title. China Electrical Equipment Industry Association has 14 consecutive power tools branch held in Yuyao national power tools industry accessories conference.

        (3) Automobile and motorcycle accessories: annual output value of 5.2 billion. The city's automobile and motorcycle parts and components manufacturing enterprises more than 1,000, mainly in the Lu port, pear Chau, Lan Jiang, Ma Hou, Langxia and other towns, products related to bearings, automotive chassis, automotive instrumentation, automobile and motorcycle hardware and tight Firmware, etc., to a larger group, supernatural car accessories, Fengmao rubber and other enterprises.

    Yuyao hardware industry is developed from scratch to explore

        (4) Fire equipment: 3 billion yuan in output value. The city's fire equipment manufacturing enterprises more than 200, accounting for 25% of the market share, Huang Jiabu town was named "China's fire equipment town."

        (5) Tools: more than 100 existing production enterprises, in 2008 the output value of 3.3 billion yuan, of which 30 enterprises on the regulation, there are more than 8 billion enterprises. The main production is steel tape, hardware tools. Annual output of the country ranked the forefront, steel tape production accounts for more than half of global production, more than 90% of export products. 

        (6) plumbing equipment: more than 500 existing production enterprises, annual output value is 3.2 billion yuan, of which 45 enterprises on the regulation, there are more than one billion yuan business. Mainly in the Lu Town, the product involves more than 80 series of more than 280 species, Lu Buzhen has become the country's largest distribution center for plumbing equipment and production base, was named "China Plumbing equipment village." Zhejiang Bay Group in 2008 the output value of 135 million yuan.

        (7) Stainless steel materials and products: more than 170 existing production enterprises in 2008, the industry-wide output value is 7.1 billion yuan, 82 enterprises above designated size, there are more than 11 million enterprises. Stainless steel tube with an annual production capacity of more than 50 million tons, 160,000 tons of steel rolling, has become an important stainless steel production base in Zhejiang Province and even in East China, has formed, including the smelting of stainless steel pipe with a production capacity of more than 500,000 tons, , Hot-rolled, cold-rolled, pipe,sanitary valves and downstream product development and other relatively complete industrial chain. Stainless steel tableware, kitchen utensils manufacturing enterprises are nearly 50, most of the products exported to Europe and the United States, the Middle East and more than 80 countries and regions. 


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