• Adamant Valves produces sanitary ball valve for petrochemical industry. The fluid Control Arts Inc in the state of California, the company is committed to manufacturing and service valve design, is a professional company, a leading position in the valve production areas, provide high quality and high performance valve for the user, the actuator and valve accessories.

    What is Flanged Ball Valve


    - Flanged ball valve 

    - Full bore 

    - Face to face acc. DIN3202 F1/F4/F5 or ANSI 

    - ISO5211 mounting pattern 

    - Pressure class PN16/40 and ANSI 150 (on request PN64/100 and ANSI300/600) 

    - Anti-static 

    - Blow-out proof stem 

    - Fire safe acc. BS6755 P2 certified 

    - S40F > DN40: double flanged (casted body) 

    What is Flanged Ball Valve

    Working press.: max.16/40 bar 

    Temperature: -20°C upro +180°C

    Tests: Acc. DIN3230/3-1 

    Certificates: 3.1b and fire safe BS6755 P2 

    Special seats PEEK, Hostaflon, 50% SS filled PTFE, etc. 

    On request - Oxygen cleaned - Integral seats - Reduced bore - Heating jacket


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  • Butterfly valve

    General properties

     - Butterfly valve, of which only the Seat and Disc come in contact with the medium

     - Installation possible in both flow directions 

    - Simple installation and maintenance, no additional flange packings requiredfor installation between the pipe flanges 

    - The body of the sanitary butterfly valve is protected by epoxy against corrosion 

    - Tight shut off up to 19.8 barg 

    - Suitable for direct mounting of pneumatic or electric actuator

    The Introduction of Butterfly Valve



    - Wafertype or Lugtype with threaded holes 

    - face to face as per standard DIN3202-3K / ISO5752 series 20 

    - Seatring in EPDM or Buna-N - Pressure class PN10/16 - ASA150 - Top Flange as per standard ISO 5211 for actuator mounting 

    - Secured Stem Process conditions 

    Working pressure: max 19.8 barg dependent on temperature

    Temperature: dependent on the seat material

    The Introduction of Butterfly Valve

    Installing the valves in existing pipelines: 

    1. In order to make mounting easier open the flanges completely. 

    2. Disc must be in a 95% closed position. 

    3. Centre the valve between the flanges and tighten the bolts. 

    4. Open the valve completely and remove the flange separator. 

    5. Tighten the bolts using the nuts by hand only. 

    6. Bring the valve to full open position.

    7. Tighten the bolts until the flanges touch the valve body. 

    8. Test the valve by opening and closing several times.


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  • Internal thread ball valve

    【Stainless steel internal thread ball valve】

    Stainless steel ball valve is widely used for water, steam, oil, nitric acid, acetic acid, ammonia salt water, and water and other media The ball valves are applied for food, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical and other industrial piping and environmental protection, water treatment, Construction, water supply and drainage pipes for opening and closing or adjust the flow purposes.

    【Three-way female ball valve】

    Three-way ball valve is a kind of medium flow can be switched and the medium shunt or mixed valve, three-way ball valve is divided into L-and T-type, L-type three-way ball valve for medium flow switch, enabling mutual The two vertical channels are connected. T-type three-way ball valve is suitable for medium shunt, confluence or flow direction switch, T-type channel can make the three channels communicate with each other or make two channels, 3 way ball valve generally adopts two seat structure, also according to user requirements Four-seater structure.

    【One-piece internal thread ball valve】

    One-piece internal thread ball valve with side-mounted cast steel body design, is a reduced-diameter ball valve. It is designed for small diameter pipe, with a light weight, simple structure, economical and practical advantages.

    【Two-piece internal thread ball valve】

    Two-piece internal thread ball valve, also known as two-stage ball valve, is locked by the two valve body. Stem with an inverted seal down the structure of valve chamber abnormal pressure, the stem will not be impact. Can be set 90 ° switch positioning mechanism, according to the need to lock in order to prevent misuse.

    Internal thread ball valve

    【Three-piece internal thread ball valve】

    Three-piece internal thread ball valve, also known as three-stage ball valve, is composed of three sections of the valve body, the middle with bolt locking. It usually uses high pressure ball valve. Used to cut off or connected to the pipeline in the medium, the valve seat with elastic seal structure, open and close easily sealed and reliable. It is applicable to water, steam, oil, nitric acid, acetic acid and other media.

    【Brass Female Thread Ball Valve】

    I produced the brass internal thread sanitary ball valve is two-piece full-diameter, and its body for the brass forging (HPb59-1), sealing seat to enhance the tetrafluoroethylene, the core of stainless steel. The introduction of foreign advanced processing technology, reasonable structure, handsome in appearance.

    Internal thread ball valve

    【Internal thread spring ball valve】

    Internal thread spring ball valve, also known as manual normally closed ball valve, is made of brass forging, spring material stainless steel, sealing material PTFE. Is a full-diameter ball valve, there is no flow resistance, simple structure, small size, light weight, easy to operate.

    [Metal Seal Ball Valve with Internal Thread]

    Metal seal ball valve is designed for medium temperature above 300 ℃ industrial and mining conditions designed to seal the form of metal ball to the metal seat seal, the ball and seat surface with special hardening treatment. With high temperature, wear resistance, erosion resistance and other advantages.


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  • Metal hard seal ball valve

    【Floating Metal Seal Ball Valve】

    Metal Seal Floating ball valve and valve seat completely metal-to-metal sealing method, in order to ensure that the valve in a variety of temperature and pressure reliable sealing, for the user to use the different conditions and requirements, you can use a variety of advanced ball And seat hardening technology.

    【Fixed Metal Seal Ball Valve】

    Metal hard seal fixed sanitary ball valve is a high temperature, wear-resistant hard seal fixed ball valve. The maximum temperature is 450 °, the valve seat tightly hold the ball to play the role of sealing the heart. Sealing material selection is carbide, spherical spray.Metal hard seal ball valve

    【Metal Seal Ball Valve】

    Metal-sealed ball valve, which is characterized by the ball and sanitary valve body are made of high-temperature metal materials, metal or heat-resistant alloy seat (such as cobalt chromium tungsten hard Alloys, etc.).


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  • High temperature ball valve

    【High temperature ball valve】

    The company designed the overall high-temperature ball valve is a new type of sealing material for the valve seat, PTFE sealing by similar products to do the ball valve, the service life increased 3-5 times. It has stable performance, reliable sealing, small friction, light switch, high temperature, wear, oil, corrosion resistance, long life and other advantages. Applicable medium: water, steam, heat-conducting oil and other acids, the use temperature: ≤ 350 ℃.

    High temperature ball valve

    【Metal Seal High Temperature Ball Valve】

    Metal seal high temperature sanitary ball valve is mainly used for high temperature, granular conditions, cut off or connected to the medium. Stable and reliable operation in high temperature conditions, has become the urgent needs of the majority of users, but also the inevitable trend for the development of modern industry.

    High temperature ball valve


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