• 316L Stainless Steel Sanitary Pipe Fittings

    Acid and Alkali Resistance of 316L Stainless Steel Sanitary Pipe Fittings and Its Application

    316L stainless steel sanitary tube contains less 50% of iron and 10.5% of chromium, and also added such as nickel, titanium, molybdenum, etc., according to the composition of the suspension with different metals, the microstructure is also different included type, ferritic, austenitic, biphasic, precipitation hardening stainless steel. 316L sanitary stainless steel pipe fittings also have different materials.

    316L Stainless Steel Sanitary Pipe Fittings

    Sanitary pipe support

    General industrial commonly used more tube austenitic stainless steel materials. Optional 316L stainless steel fittings sanitary and fluid medium type, concentration, temperature, pressure, flow rate, and other factors.

    316L sanitary valves stainless steel pipe fittings are widely used in the pharmaceutical, food, beer, drinking water, biological engineering, chemical engineering, air purification, aviation, nuclear industry and other areas, the national economic construction has been widely applied to the national production and life, has significant Impact.

    Heat treatment process of 316L sanitary stainless steel pipe

    Annealing is performed at a temperature in the range of 1850 to 2050 ° C, followed by rapid annealing and then rapid cooling. 316L stainless steel can not be overheated for hardening. 316L sanitary stainless steel pipe has good welding performance. The workpiece will automatically produce intergranular cracking.

    In the 304 stainless steel stamping process, generally must be between the process of softening annealing, that is, intermediate annealing.

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